They receive

They receive While the person only will cripple her and creates round itself the impossible atmosphere for life.

So hardly children respect force in teachers and tutors.

there is at children a physical preparation, sports, games.

They receive a physical discharge when it is required.

Also there are tutors whom these will see off for a nyatiya.

But they, of course, do not influence children the physical force.

– We somehow said that tutors should alternate.

Malthe chik needs to get used to manifestation of absolutely different properties in vospitatel.

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If we will

If we will This prered, fascinating idea lifts us and all mankind on level of the Person from capital letter.

if we will rest, the nature all the same will lead us to it, but, putting pressure, as the big sufferings which beginning we already nachinaI eat to feel.

And then we will be compelled to reduce the egoism, to start to gather to groups, to be arranged among themselves.

Sufferings, as we know, pull together.

And such undesirable influences which at the nature for gotovleno there is a lot of and at different levels, – us all the same will lead to that we can rise over the egoism and reach correct integralny interaction.

the price will be huge wars, sufferings, losses … And as a result that small part of mankind which will survive, will be all the same compelled to become the similar nature.

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They are able

They are ableWorkYellow is a color of people of creativity, strong will and the spirit, loving the power, able to concentrate force and will and to direct them there where they are most effective.

They are able many and to work, provide fruitfully rest to themselves and another.

Their work should be for them game.

Preferable professions for the yellow scientist, politician, businessman.

HealthColds often cause at yellow the squeezed internal pain and desire to cry.

The weak yellow can have the problems connected with tablets and alcohol.

Chartreuse color speaks about hepatic complaints.

If the chartreuse passes in brownish and red and yellow it means that the indisposition has rather social nature.

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He simply wanted

He simply wanted As this the boy at first was frightened, and then fell in love with a strange bein which gocooked on any unclear to it language and treated him.

When this boy grew, he became a doctor chumology.

Yes, the story was very interestin but it appeared my fatal mistake, And what such this question pursued me month two, there was no yet other fascinating subject dinosaurs.

The boy asked me this question not because did not remember mine explanation or something did not understand.

He simply wanted to talk once again about to this plague.

As it often happens, the child is carried away by any plot, it to the same animated film, to the same book.

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Thus it has in to look

Thus it has in to look The yearold boy about whom it was already said, on a question that it sees in to room, answers Table, chair, handle, cord, phone.

Thus it has in to look not the handle lying on a table, and the door handle also turns on in transfer both phone, and a cord from it.

To achieve that the child did not confuse the general with private, not easy.

Looking on the picture with the image of the wood, winter, the street, he calls the first the subjects which have appeared in the field of his sight, perceives them it is separate, attaches to these separately taken subjects also separately taken them details.

Details distract the child, preventing to perceive the picture in whole, generalizations it to make unable.

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